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High Quality

On Time Delivery

Competitive Pricing


Customer support for minin equipment
  • We assist our customers in the definition of the equipment when required (drafting, pilot plants, laboratory testing, on-site visits, product testing, materials selection).

  • We work closely with our customers and fabricators to ensure that our customers' needs are well defined, understood and met. 

  • We ensure that documentation (proposals, drawings, data books, quality control reports, user manuals) are easily understood by the end user.

  • When supplying replacement parts it is often necessary to verify dimensions to ensure that details that may be missing from OEM drawings are available, or if OEM drawings are not available, generate new drawings for fabrication. 

  • We can  provide on-site technical support during installation,  and follow-up visits to ensure that the operators have been properly trained and on-going maintenance is being performed that will maximize productivity.

Quality control in mining equipmen
  • We have many ways to work with our customers and manufacturers to ensure that the products supplied meet customer requirements. Our own personnel regularly visit the factories to check the materials and fabrications procedures. When appropriate we use international third party inspection companies such as Moody, Veritas, and others to certify that materials, workmanship, dimensions and functionality of the equipment comply with the specifications. We also welcome customer-selected inspectors to be available for pre-fabrication, in process and post-fabrication inspections.



SBCCO-China is a majority USA-owned Chinese corporation, originally set up to act as the purchasing office of Crimar Industrial, a US company that has been providing high-quality industrial equipment to the mining, smelting, water treatment, petrochemical, power, and other industrial applications through its sales and support teams around the world.


Mr. Beman, the President/Owner of Crimar Industrial and majority owner of the Shijiazhuang Beman Commercial Co. Ltd.(SBCCO-China) has been traveling to China an average of 10 times a year for the past 12 years to ensure that our suppliers understand and meet our customers' needs.  He also travels extensively to work with our sales teams on various continents to help customers meet their goals. He has over 30 years of experience in international sales and purchasing and is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Our understanding of languages and the different cultures that we work with help us to get over the hurdles of misunderstandings. Our motto is "Quality first, quality second, on-time delivery third, and if the first three are met, then focus on competitive pricing"


Year Established


Projects Completed


Sales & support offices
Chile, China, 
Mexico, Peru, Africa, Canada and the U.S.

Product Category

Mining - Mineral processing - Smelting and Refining - Cement plants
Power plants - 
Water treatment - Marine applications
FRP Scrubber

​FRP Products

  • FRP Tanks

  • FRP Ductwork

  • FRP Piping

  • FRP Scrubbers

  • FRP Dampers

  • FRP Covers

  • FRP Gratings

  • FRP Towers

  • FRP Expansion Joints

Semi-mobile cone crusher, Crushing milling

​Crushing & Milling

  • Jaw crushers

  • Cone crushers

  • Impact crushers

  • Ball mills

  • SAG mills

  • Vertical mills

  • Gears and pinions

  • Mill heads

  • ​Wear parts

Ball mill, casting

Casting & Forging

  • Gears and pinions

  • ​Mill heads

  • Slag pots

Heat Exchanger, Steel process equipment

Steel Process Equipment

  • Pressure Filters

  • Heat Exchangers

  • ​Process Vessels


Custom Fabrication

  • Fiberglass equipment

  • Steel equipment

  • Castings

  • Engineered design


Dampers & valves

  • Gate valve

  • Butterfly valve

  • Globe valve

  • Ball valve

  • Check valve

  • Ventilation valve

  • Safety valve

  • Control valve

  • Others

Solid liqud separation

Solid/Liquid Separation

  • Mixer/Settlers

  • Filter presses

  • Thickeners

  • Classifiers

  • Hydrocyclones

  • Thickener covers

pump barge system, Liquid transportatio

Liquid Transmission

  • Slurry pumps

  • Pump barge systems

  • Valves

  • Piping systems


Our offices around the world:​
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